A Spiritual Odyssey: A Tour of the Vatican Museum, Basilica San Pietro, and The Dome

In the heart of the “Eternal City, the Vatican City stands as a beacon of history, spirituality, and art. Encapsulating the wonder of St. Peter's Basilica, the ethereal experience of the Sistine Chapel, and the trove of masterpieces in the Vatican Museums, a tour of this sovereign city-state offers an unparalleled journey into the past. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime escapade

Vatican tour, guided tour of vatican

Vatican museum

Our Vatican tour starts at the Vatican Museums, an artistic sanctuary that holds an impressive collection of masterpieces gathered by popes over centuries. Boasting over 70,000 works, it’s a vast maze of galleries, hallways, and chapels. An absolute blessing to your eyes.

Raphael Room Vatican Tour

Raphaell Rooms

Walking through the Gallery of Maps and the renowned Raphael Rooms, visitors marvel at the exquisite art depicting historic battles, biblical scenes, and Renaissance aesthetics. However, it's the Sistine Chapel that steals the spotlight. Gazing up at Michelangelo's world-renowned ceiling, "The Last Judgment" and "The Creation of Adam," is an indescribable experience. The wonder of these pieces, combined with the chapel’s solemnity, provides a serene, ethereal atmosphere that is truly spellbinding.

San Peter Basilica vatican tour

St. Peter Basilica: the next step of our Vatican Tour

Next, we proceed to the massive St. Peter's Basilica, the heart of Catholicism. The basilica is an architectural masterpiece, embodying the artistic styles of great Renaissance artists. The entrance alone, with its majestic colonnades designed by Bernini, is a sight to behold

Once inside, the size and splendor of St. Peter's Basilica are breathtaking. Beneath the grand dome, which you can climb for a panoramic view of Rome, lies the magnificent "Pietà," a sculptural masterpiece by Michelangelo. The tomb of St. Peter, located in the crypt, draws countless visitors, as does the bronze canopy, "Baldachin," by Bernini. The elaborate interior embellishments, from mosaics to gilded decorations, are an homage to the phenomenal artists of the past

San Peter Dome Vatican Tour

Rome at your feet

However, the “pièce de résistance”, the epitome of this tour is the climb to the top of St. Peter’s Dome. Designed primarily by Michelangelo, the dome is an architectural marvel. The journey to the top can be taxing, with over 500 steps to conquer, but the reward at the end is priceless: a breathtaking panorama of Rome, stretching to the city's outskirts and beyond.

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What is a food tour in Rome?

A food tour in Rome is an experience that takes you around the city, trying a variety of local dishes and foods. It's usually guided by a local anda professional food guide who explains the history and significance of each food and location.

How long does a food tour in Rome typically last?

A typical food tour in Rome is 3 hours long. However, the length can vary based on your needs

What kind of foods will I get to try on a Rome food tour?

Rome is known for a wide variety of foods, so expect to sample dishes like pasta (carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe), pizza, supplì (fried rice balls), gelato, espresso, local cheeses, prosciutto, and regional wines.

How much does a food tour in Rome cost?

The cost of our food tour in Rome is 220€ for the guide plus 28 to pay the food plus 100€ for round trip transfer from/to your hotel in Rome

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Our tour are accommodating to dietary restrictions and allergies, but it's important to inform us in advance. Options for gluten-free, and dairy-free are usually available.

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Our foud tour are private so the size of the group depend on how many people you are.

Do you provide food tour for shared group?

Yes of course we can organize shared food tour for smal group, no more the 8/13 people.

What should I wear on a food tour in Rome?

Comfort is key. Wear comfortable shoes as you'll be walking quite a bit. Also, check the weather and dress accordingly.

Do I need to tip the tour guide?

Tipping is not mandatory but is generally appreciated, especially if you enjoyed the tour. In Italy, a tip of around 10% is usually considered generous.

Will the tour continue if it rains?

Most tours will continue in light rain with the appropriate provisions. However, in cases of extreme weather, tours may be rescheduled. Check with our guide in case of rain.

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Yes, children are usually welcome on food tours, We don't have any age restrictions but please inform us if you have children. to allow us to organize your food tour.

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Usually, drinks are not included as part of the food tour. If you want to taste local wines or craft beers please inform us in advance.

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You can book a food tour in Rome through our web site sending us an email using the contact form or writing to us on whatsapp.

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Our food tours are private but we have a standard itinerary. Anyway if you need special wish or requirement we are available to help and make you happy.

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