N. Days: you need to stay in Rome for 5 days , but we can arrange this offer to accommodate you if you stay at least 4 days

When: the weather in Rome is wonderful all year long however we suggest doing this trip between March and November

What you will do

Rome is one of the most well- rounded cities in the world. The city ranges from historical buildings and lucious scenery, but most importantly- great food.

With this package, you will taste the best food and wine our city has to offer. Not only this though, an elegant dinner and Roman street food tour will delight your palate.Your gratifying and delightful stay in Rome does not end here.

To make sure you have more than just memories, you'll always have our flavours with you: our cooking class will teach you the secrets of Roman cooking and you can impress your friends and family when you return from your once in a lifetime experience.

Tivoli La Sibilla - Rome Tours

What better place to experience the wonders of taste than having dinner inside the Sibilitta, an ancient and elegant restaurant founded in 1720 at the foot of the Roman temples. A treat for your taste buds and a blessing for your eyes too!

Cooking Class in Rome

Uncover the secrets of Roman cuisine while learning how to perfect it yourself

Rome food Tour

A comprehensive and wide-ranging 3 hour tour with a perfect balance of art, culture, Roman history and food. A tour where you will walk in the streets of the typical historic districts of Rome such as Trastevere and Campo de Fiori. With our guide you will taste our typical dishes such as pizza and mortadella, trapizzino, supplì, pasta alla carbonara , all'amatriciana, ice cream and a classic cappuccino.

During this tour and amongst our stops of resting - there will never be a break from bewilderment and wonder from our food, architecture and views.

Wine Tour

TWhat is a food tour without a drink tour too? Of course- Rome is one of the best places to check out our wines. Taste the best of Italian Wine around Rome. You will visit the best winery between Rome ,Tuscany and Umbria. All of these are in impressive locations. So while you are enjoying tastes you have never tried- see even more gorgeous and relaxing views.
Trying to arrange and plan to taste all of these marvelous new flavours and plates can be overwhelming - but we have it all planned out for you. We are so excited to meet you and guide you along this taste testing journey.


  • Day 1: Airport transfer from Fiumicino or Ciampino to Rome
  • Day 2: Food Rome Tour
  • Day 3: Wine tour in Rome surrounding
  • Day 3: Cookieng Class
  • Day 3: Dinner at Castel Gandolfo + Rome Tour by Night
  • Day 4: Airport transfer from Rome to the Airport

Options Available for this Tour of Rome

  • You can choose having Dinner in Castel Gandolfo or in Tivoli
  • Wine & Grappa Tasting available in Castel Gandolfo

Romantic Pick up

Do you want to surprise your partner and live a memorable experience together?

  • Pick up with welcome drink with campaign bottle
  • Elegant and Romantic dinner
  • Romantic pick up with your favorite flowers

Pricing conditions

  • The price may vary depending on the number of people and special requests
  • Ticket is not included, pay at the site
  • No lunch or drinks included
  • Tips are not included
  • You will pay the driver at the end of each service with cash in euros or dollars at the current exchange rate



All our tours of Rome are private and provided with Luxury Mercedes with wi-fi and water inside


Our Rome tours are arranged with English Speaking guide but if you need we can arrange our tour of Rome in other languages

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On our Tour of Rome

Your Limo Tours of Rome are private ?

Yes of course, all our services are private so if you book with us a Limo Tour of Rome this will be private and tailored made for you

There is chance to modify this offer?

Yes of course, we propose you some offer base on our experience but all our services and Rome tours could be tailored made for your needs

At what time is it the pickup?

Depend on which tour of Rome you chose. I you are interested in Full Day Rome Limo Tours the pickup is not late 8am. In case of Half Day we can agreed it togheter

You make tour also in other languages

Yes we can provide also other languages for our Tour of Rome. Depending on the language you prefer could change the final price