N. Days: you need to stay in Rome for 5 days with 3 days of activities but we can arrange it even if you stay 4 days with 2 full days of activities

When: the weather in Rome is wonderful all year long however we suggest doing this trip between March and November

What you will see

Rome has many monuments and tourist attractions. This package is thought to let you visit the best of Rome in 2 or 3 days without stress. Rome Tours by Limo and a walking tour  of the colosseum and the Vatican are included!

Rome in 3 days: private tours in rome with our travel guides

Let yourself be enchanted by the most famous amphitheater in the world – Colosseum. There are not many places in the world where you have a chance to be this close to the history of the Great Ancient Empire

pantheon tours of rome

The Pantheon is the best-preserved building of ancient Rome, a temple dedicated to all the Roman deities. Find out why the Pantheon's dome is truly unique, and there is no second of its kind in the world. It is really a valuable monument of ancient architecture, which was able, centuries later, to bring to us its historical appearance

Rome tour piazza navona

Piazza Navona with its elegant baroque style is one of the most beautiful and famous squares in Rome. Discover the fountains and attractions of the square, revealing the interesting secrets of these places

rome tours fontana di trevi

Admire and be enchanted by the Trevi Fountain, the largest of the famous fountains in Rome. It is the hero of more than one iconic movie, as it has fascinated and charmed the most remarkable filmmakers.  Feel like a movie character by tossing a coin and making your fondest wish on a golden Roman afternoon

Spanish Step private rome tours

Walk down the Spanish Steps in the heart of Rome, imagining yourself a celebrity. Street musicians create an unforgettably magical atmosphere infused with the romance of the eternal city. Discover firsthand the charming streets of Rome that lead to a fascinating panorama, where modern life and ancient history converge in one place

Piazza del popolo rome day tour

Piazza del Popolo one of the most important squares in Rome, just at the edge of the city wall by the north gate. Near Spanish steps and Via del Corso a great shopping street

Piazza Venezia Private rome tours by limo

Piazza Venezia, Rome's central square, where Mussolini gave speeches during World War II. Just as one cannot miss Times Square in New York, one cannot miss Piazza Venezia in Rome. This place is simply the quintessential Roman style: Rome mixes invaluable historical monuments and bustling traffic like almost nowhere else in the world!

Teatro Marcello rome tours with english speaking driver guide

The Marcellus Theater was an ancient open-air theater in Rome where locals and visitors alike could enjoy performances of dramatic and Greek plays. Archaeologists still find evidence that since medieval times an entire neighborhood has developed here with stores under the vaults of theaters and a labyrinth of streets, piazzas and even churches

private tour of rome

Let yourself be enchanted by the most famous amphitheater in the world – Colosseum. There are not many places in the world where you have a chance to be this close to the history of the Great Ancient Empire

Rome tours Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus was conceived as a fully equipped arena, including an incredibly large stadium for chariot races, with stores, street food, and bookmakers. It is considered the most colossal structure built for entertainment purposes in the history of mankind. One of the few places in the world where you can get in touch with pre-Christian history

Rome tour catacombs of callixtus

The Catacombs are an exciting opportunity to learn about a part of a city's history that you may not have encountered. Popes were buried in the Roman catacombs, and the first Christians lowered tables and pews into the tunnels when religion outgrew domestic worship. The Roman catacombs are among the oldest in the world

Vatican Tours

Let yourself be guided to discover the magnificence of the most important basilica in the world and one of the main museums. After the tour you will be able to visit the dome and have an unforgettable experience on the roof of Rome

Castel Gandolfo Day Trip from Rome

Castel Gandolfo is the summer residence of the Popes, a pretty village 30 minutes from the center of Rome on the shores of the lake that takes its name from the city. An ideal place to relax and if you are a wine lover to visit one of the most famous wineries around Rome.


  • Day 1: Airport transfer from Fiumicino or Ciampino to Rome
  • Day 2: Full day Rome tour by Limo with Mercedes
  • Day 3: Tour of Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
  • Day 4: Colosseum & Ancient Rome tour + Dinner at Castel Gandolfo + Rome Limo Tour by Night
  • Day 5: Airport transfer from Rome to the Airport
STARTING 2.190€ 

Options Available for this Tour of Rome

  • Half Day Rome Tour: 5 hours instead Full Day Rome Tours
  • Dinner at Tivoli instead of Castel Gandolfo
  • Aperitive in Castel Gandolfo before dinner
  • If you need, this Rome tour package could be suitable for stay long 4 days with 2 full days activities

Romantic Pick up

Do you want to surprise your partner and live a memorable experience together?

  • Pick up with welcome drink with campaign bottle
  • Elegant and Romantic dinner
  • Romantic pick up with your favorite flowers

Pricing conditions

  • The price may vary depending on the number of people and special requests
  • Ticket is not included, pay at the site
  • No lunch or drinks included
  • Tips are not included
  • You will pay the driver at the end of each service with cash in euros or dollars at the current exchange rate



All of our Limo Tours in Rome are private and provided in luxury Mercedes with wi-fi and water provided


Our limousine tours in Rome are organized with an English-speaking driver, who will show you the most important places in Rome

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Depend on which tour of Rome you chose and if you chose a Rome Limo Tours. I you are interested in Full Day Rome Tours the pickup is not late 8am. In case of Half Day we can agreed it toogheter

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